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ReduStim is a French establishment that offers non-invasive devices at the service of professionals in this industry for over 20 years. Every session you will reach a special moment of relaxation with a sensational feeling of warmth. ReduStim is validated by numerous European studies and is 100% hands-free treatment, painless and leaves no after-effects. ReduStim generate low frequency alternating BioEnergetic fields which decrease the body fat by stimulating the biological mechanisms of the lipolysis. Straps are positioned on the areas to be treated, discharging a BioEnergetic field, with of a frequency of 50 Hz, situated in the lower electromagnetic spectrum and correspond to weak induced currents, completely harmless for the skin and the entire organism. Our patients can lose 6cm from his/her waist circumference, reducing the visceral fat by 8.2% and the sub-cutaneous fat by 4.1% with our distinctive technology.

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