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Australian Body Care

Australian Body Care UK Ltd distributes Tea Tree Oil collection which is an essential oil obtained from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree based in Australia. This tree is famous for its natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-viral properties. We only use this tree oil due to its proven to consist of the most advantageous natural properties for healthier hair and skin. We manufacture hair and skin products for individual and professional use to aid skin issues and protect healthy skin. Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil could be used for the following issues: acne, anhydrosis, bruises, burns, blisters, cuts, cracked heels, dandruff, dry skin, eczema, foot odor, gingivitis, fresh breath, head lice, ingrown hairs, insect repellent, muscular aches, nail fungus, nasal congestion, psoriasis, scalp, shaving rash, spots, toothache, verrucae and warts, pre-waxing and after-waxing.

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