Alaska Glacial Mud is Dedicated to Eco Beauty!!

Alaska Glacial Mud is Dedicated to Eco Beauty!!
We hand-harvest mineral-rich glacial mud on the Copper River Delta in Southcentral Alaska. Nearly 100 million tons of buttery glacial mud deposits on the expansive delta each year, the largest contiguous wetland in North America.

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. always pledges to use the most eco-friendly and socially responsible methods for harvesting and manufacturing our products. Our products offer tradition and innovation.
We sustainably harvest raw ingredients and manufacture the highest quality natural skin care products that reveal the purity and essence of Alaska. We are committed to superior research and development that combines therapeutic glacial mud minerals and traditional botanical extracts on the skin.
Our products are enriched with plant-derived ingredients and we always source organic and wild-crafted botanical extracts and steam-distilled essential oils where possible because we know good skin deserves good ingredients and because no man-made product can replicate nature.