Red Carpet Product: Crème 15


Imagine a product with anti-bacterial properties that stops the spread of breakouts, reduces oil on the skin, and calms inflammation. Now imagine it is so gentle that you could also use it every day without drying out your skin or causing irritation. In the world of acne products, it is rare to find that powerful pimple fighter that won’t also leave skin red and stinging. The scientists at Yon-Ka’s laboratory in France knew that those with acne shouldn’t have to decide between clear skin and calm skin, so they developed Crème 15. A powerful spot treatment that would treat acne without the harsh side effects.

Purify and calm skin with natural ingredients.
Anyone that has attempted acne treatment knows that battling breakouts and oily skin can often result in redness, irritation and dehydration. Having no pimples is great, but is red, flaking skin really much better? Crème 15 addresses both issues by providing a non-aggressive solution for clearing skin. Formulated with burdock root, sage, and birch (three natural acne cures), Crème 15 gently heals skin. Other key ingredients like witch hazel, chamomile, and arnica, soothe skin so that the complexion is both clear and calm.

A full circle approach to acne prevents, treats and heals.
From the underlying causes to the surface imperfections, to successfully treat acne you need to target each layer of the problem. While eating right, exercising and regularly taking vitamins can help the body from within, you also want to use products that will address your acne at every stage. Your skincare routine should focus on prevention and treatment, and Crème 15 makes tackling acne full circle much simpler. By normalizing sebum protection, skin is not as oily so clogged pores become less of a problem. The anti-bacterial properties of the natural roots and herbs in Crème 15 make breakouts less frequent, and controls the spreading of bacteria when breakouts do occur. Regenerating St. John’s Wort and the essential oils in our Quintessence Yon-Ka help heal skin, so the dark spots from past breakouts fade away faster.

With the right remedy, you can fight acne at any age.
While commonly associated with the hormonal teenage years, many of us know from personal experience that acne can flare up at any age. Crème 15 makes treating acne alongside any other skin concerns easier since it can be applied as a base layer before your regular Yon-Ka moisturizer. Whether you are battling oily skin and breakouts in your teens or twenties, or have developed acne later in life, Crème 15 can work for you. After cleansing and spraying on Lotion Yon-Ka, apply a thin layer of Crème 15 directly to any impurities and follow with your moisturizer as usual.