How to Prevent Hair Growth

There is a problem that accompanies any depilation process concerning waxing, shaving and depilatory creams regardless of the hair shape and type.
To reduce this effect it is recommended to take care of the skin before and during depilation.

Why does the hair get up?
This phenomenon is called hair extension and occurs when the hair follicle closes before the hair penetrates through the skin where it can feel itchy or painful.
Inflamed skin is one of the forms that becomes painful where the skin becomes torn or scratched over time. The hair normally penetrates into the skin, and becomes easy to remove it by hot wax depilation.

But the most difficult type of grown hair is those that grow on the surface of the skin. Thus, it turns out that the hair is rotated and continues to grow into a closed hair follicle. In such a case, the body recognizes the hair as a foreigner, and then occur bacterial or inflammatory attacks.

How to solve this issue?
It is recommended NOT to trim the hair because you may damage your skin.
Well, here you have to consult a professional to help you. For example, in a cosmetic salon, a professional will clean the skin in a sterile and precise way where it will allow the next hair to grow normally.

Another useful solution is purchasing a product from any drug store that reduces inflammation, soothes the skin and promotes penetration of the hair through the skin.

Lycon recommends to use their Lycon Ingrown-X-it Solution which helps in reducing the skin’s inflammation and esthetically to get rid of red spots.
Lycon Ingrown-X-it Solution is a gentle and effective Spray which contains Keratolytic that heals all kind of skins inflammation caused by grown hair.
It can be used after all types of depilation and especially when the skin is irritated and inflamed.