There is a high chance you’ve experienced ingrown hair in some point in your life, and you know how hurtful and annoying they can be. Ingrown hair is awkwardly shaped and make us wonder on how they can be removed. Luckily, I’ll be giving you four simple tricks you can use to remove them.

Exfoliate the affected area

If you can spot an ingrown hair before an inflamed bump appears, you could start to exfoliate the area once or twice a day. By doing so, you remove all dead skin cells, clean the skin from all impurities and reduce inflammation. Recommendation: Fine salt body scrub To do that, it is best to resort to a good quality body scrub. A good body scrub should have smooth particles as not to cause inflammation and irritation. Get to the routine of using it two to three days a week, to prevent ingrown hair in the first place.

Apply heat

If the tip of the hair starts to show, exert heat to the area. The heat will expend your pores, which permits the ingrown hair to get out as smoothly as possible. The heat also helps reduce the pain. It is a very simple process: just get a clean washcloth and soak it in warm water. Then, just apply it to the affected area. Afterwards, for extra care, use Yon-ka Juvenil to the affected spot. It helps the healing process and reduces pain caused by skin irritation.

Free the hair

Although it seems frightening, there is nothing much to it. Just get a tweezer (make sure you clean it with alcohol; you do not want to spread any bacteria in your skin) and gently pull the hair off. Take your time because you do not want to deal with the headache of starting all over again, if part of the hair is broken.

Redness and inflammation

The final step is to calm the inflammation and redness that follows the removing of ingrown hair. I recommend Medik8 Ultimate Recovery. The mixture of arnica, chamomile and yarrow in reduces the inflammation and helps the skin to calm down. It should be added, as confirmed by dermatologists, that it can be used for all skin types. The product contains horse chestnuts as well as witch hazel, both having properties to sooth the skin. Not to forget the germ oils, which nourishes the skin. With 95% of natural ingredients, this product will guarantee the results you are looking for specially for healthy and radiant skin.



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