10 steps for a perfectly epilated face

For facial epilation, what better than electrolysis to get permanently rid of unflattering hair on the upper lip, chin and eyebrows? In fact, Electro-epilation requires precision and attention because of the high sensitivity of this area. To give your clients best results in facial epilation, here are some tips recommended by depilation experts:

1 – When working on the neck or the space between the eyebrows, always place a roll pillow under your customer’s neck to make the insertion easier.

2 – To facilitate insertion, ensure a relaxed position when treating the face, and adjust properly the height of your stool.

3 – For a more sensitive area like the face, use the ultrarapid 27.12 MHz radio frequency of the ApilusxCell, it is fast and concentrated making the treatment a lot more comfortable.

4 – Use two magnifying lamps when you treat facial fuzz: One at 5 diopters used to magnify your field of vision, and create a shadow at the base of the hair with its light. This will allow you to better see the fine unpigmented hair. You can also use Opti-vizion that allows you to be even more precise with its up to 80 dioptres magnification.

5 – For better skin tension and greater comfort, ask your customer to pull her lip down. This technique facilitates probe insertion into the follicle without excessive handling of the area. For example you can use this method to remove hair under the nose.

6 –Use the MultiPlex displacement technique with the Pro-Tec IsoGard probeto remove hair from the chin area caused by hormones disorder or imbalances. We suggest 45 to 60 minutes of treatment per session, depending on the customer’s tolerance.

7 – With age, some men are surprised to find short, usually pigmented hair popping on the tip of their nose. In this situation, the PicoFlash or MicroFlash technique is ideal, and the Pro-Tec IsoGard probes are recommended.

8 – Apply some Yi-zhiBaumecreme-balm, then a compress of ToniqA lotion since when removing hair on themost sensitive area of the body, the upper lip.

9 – To visualize the final shape of the eyebrow and explain to the customer the changes you’ll be making, brush the eyebrow in the direction of natural growth. With a white pencil, mark the area to be epilated.Never epilate the upper part of the eyebrow because with ageing, the eyelids tend to droop. Leaving hair on the upper part of the eyebrow helps create the illusion the eyelid is higher, which reduces the appearance of signs of ageing.

10 – Sun protection is essential at all times, especially after facial hair removal. With a zinc-base formula, the OmbraCrème total protection cream is especially designed to protect from UVA and UVB rays, regenerate and soothe the skin. It also avoids the formation of pigment spots and hides redness.

Are you ready to put these guidelines into practice?

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